Lake of Luxe is powered by LT3,
born 23 years ago in Cernobbio,
on Lake Como.

LT3 is an operative consultancy agency for Communication. We create plans and bring to life projects and events for companies. Corporate, strategic image and marketing are our most active fields of operation, along with a specific focus on Healthcare, with educational activities in the medical-scientific environment.


After many years building projects and events around Italy and the world, LT3 wants to spend some time at home.

This is how Lake of Luxe is born, to plan the best events in the best place: its Lake; over the four seasons, in the most enchanted places, the most prestigious villas, in the most refined and comfortable hôtellerie, and the most breathtaking borgos wet by the lake waters . It is through constant research of venues and opportunities that us who live here, in love with this Lake, can truly make it happen.


Events dedicated to companies who seek a special occasion, strategic and therefore unique, not only because of the distinctive frame we offer: events for which image is a key factor, along with the message it entails.

Therefore, for example, the launch or the positioning of a brand, the introduction of a new product, the rebrand of an existing product or even conventions and company celebrations.


Companies who also want, along with us, to give something in return for the availability of so much beauty.

This, to us, is the true ultimate goal and objective of the whole project and it is going to be named LakeSide: a foundation that thanks to the activities of Lake of Luxe, is going to support and finance projects that revolve around three concepts: green, social, innovative . LakeSide: by the Lake side, on the Lake shore.


Lake of Luxe is a project that is currently coming to life.

October 18th 2019: Launch Event at the beautiful Villa Erba, main characters being Lake of Luxe and its partners of the Lake, and over 200 guests from the luxury industry.

Watch the video "Launch Event in Villa Erba"