Experiences to live

The language of events often includes words as in location, transfer, catering.... Not at Lake of Luxe.


Not a venue to rent;
a place to live.

The great villas of our lake, the docks and the gardens; old factories surrounded by green that breathe the same air and atmosphere of hundreds of years ago. Everything has history and character, and you and your guests will be able to discover some venues that were never revealed and some that were never available for an event.


Talking about hospitality, this is being an exciting season to say the least for Lake Como.

Important hotel chains are opening their gates, along with the historical hostels that hosted the Grand Tour (from Stendhal to Turner, from Rilke to Liszt, from Goethe to Melville, to Freud...), which throughout the years never failed to radiate their luxurious atmosphere, also by constantly keeping up with innovation and the modern comforts we are used to.


Here on the lake, and with Lake of Luxe, we do not drive: we travel; we do not navigate: we cruise.

Because steamships are a milestone of our lake and water taxis are the same characteristic ones as Venice; because who is in a rush can fly on a seaplane (and it is a panorama showcase); because, to truly enjoy the road, there is nothing better than travelling along the lake shore, in a Bentley, in a Tesla, or even on a Harley.