Inspiring Concepts

Each one of us has a very personal idea of luxury.

For Lake of Luxe, luxury is defined by the marvellous joint of nature, architecture, landscape essence of Lake Como; and this is what inspires us to think and build, on this lake, very special events.

But there is more to it, in defining the work of Lake of Luxe . We are also inspired by key words: guidelines that are part of each one of our events, because in harmony with our shores.



We define art as an ideal synthesis of creative research, and its effects as sublimation of emotions.

In Lake of Luxe’s activities arts need to be present, in many different ways and forms. Arts will fill your event with uniqueness in ideas, creativity in projects, peculiarity in venues, impact in scenographies.

Arte - Lake of Luxe


If art has creativity at the service of emotion,
design has creativity at the service of functionality.

The concept of design is of great inspiration to us in every step of the organization and realization of every Lake of Luxe event.

Only those who can flawlessly collide nature with objects, creativity with functionality will be working towards enriching and adorning the spirit of our events.


We consider nature the primal expression of applied arts.
That includes the remarkable capability of finding solutions along with manufacturing beauty.

The humankind strived to achieve this all along, with varying degrees of success… And it is what we attempt to do as well, with no expectations to play a role in human development but, mor e simply, building projects and bringing events to life.


We always strive to create something new.
It is our nature and the nature of Lake of Luxe.

Technological innovation will be ready and present in the form of lights, sounds and machines.

And it will always be a surprise.


What to say about charm?
According to our own definition, it is what ads a special flavor, through elegance, fascination, attraction…

Challenging to achieve; but we hope those who spend time with us will remember these occasions as moments full of charm and beauty.